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Valley of Death

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It's Aliiiiive!! [Friday
06|30|06 at 08:02P]
[ mood | geeky ]

Well Hello My Lovelies... Thanks to Charlotte I remembered that I have this here thing and that it is only worth having it if I update it. On that note, I have a message for you Charlotte.
A profession of my undying love
I have kept this secret for a long time, and now, I profess, and I profess without the intoxication of alcohol in my veins. I hold an undying love for you in my heart and my small intestine.. and my kidney stones feel affection for you too. Probably. So yeah.. undying love.. let me count the ways.. Wherefore art thou.. Though I may be a Romulan and you a Borg.. blah blah blah. You were warned. Fear the love.

Hmm.. so.. many things have happened to me in the past few months that contained a long internet silence from yours truly. Aren't you lucky that I can't remember them?

Lets see.. On Wednesday, I believe it was, I went on an outing to meet people. People I have never met before. It was a daunting prospect but I faced it head on with grace and courage. Then I blinked a few times at the people and went to hide behind a half-deflated bouncy castle. After that little hitch I found them all to be quite pleasant really, and not as scary as I had first assumed. I would even go as far as to say that we found each other's company mutually interesting. There was a wooden climbing frame and I gave a punk/Cradle Of Filth-esque rendition of The Phantom of The Opera from it. Highly impressive, no? And umm.. other stuff happened but I'm bored of talking about it now.. the joys of my attention span.

I have a new obsession. In that TV programme The Young Ones. I watched them multiple times and have decided I am in love with Vyvyan and want him to have my babies. "This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence." <-- When I have my very own psychology office this will be my motto. In Latin so that people trust my intelligence.

There is a van outside with '19inchracks' written on it. I keep thinking it says 9 inch cracks.

Well.. I'm close to committing suicide over this entry even if you people aren't. So off I go into another nebulous months long silence. Good day. <3

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Blah blah blah [Friday
04|28|06 at 02:15P]
[ mood | My head hurts ]

Charlotte you are not in your ICT lesson. And you should be in your ICT lesson. ..Because I do not want to do work, this is not a lesson for work to be done in. I'm sorry I was dead for like three days >.<;

So yeah..

That is all..

For now.

No, wait, I have information. My ruffled shirt got delivered. It is all lovely and lacey and ruffled.. and a medium in male size. I got swamped and entangled in a mountain of lace. Maybe me and my (non-existant)Textiles Skills can make it fit. The guy who delivered it looked like the security guy in Jerry Springer The Opera.. except he was rather short.

Oh em eff gee.. I just realised that I'm not Starting Every Word With A Capital Letter Like I Usually Do. This Is Awful.. Now I Go To Cry And Pretend To Do Work.

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Updateness [Friday
04|21|06 at 02:39P]
Hello. This is an update. An update that will update on the recent happenings of my life. It will enrapture and enthrall and encapture your senses.
I have been informed that this should be a long one. Something meaty for my readers to get their teeth into. Eating meat is bad. The cows have guns. Run for your lives, to the hills. But the hills have eyes.
Last Friday, Good Friday nonetheless, I went to see the Rocky Horror Show live. There were men in drag and fishnets which is always good. And make up. I cried when Frank died, tears flowing down my emo cheeks.
The bell is about to go. Goodbye.
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Lyke Oh Em Gee... [Monday
01|30|06 at 10:02P]
[ mood | tired ]

Someone Like.. Call The Newspapers.. I'm Updating Again o_O Like.. What Has Gotten Into Me?
-Pete Didn't Win Big Brother. And He Was Booed When He Came Out.-
You Plastic Bastards... Why Would You Boo Him >.<'' I Wanted To Go There And Kick Their Mean Narrowminded Asses From Here To Oblivion. He Was The Only Person With Any Brains And Wit In There.
. . .
I Went To Kerrang XXV Last Thursday. The 26th. It was Awesomely Awesome. I Met wiL From Aiden And Hugged Him <3 But He Is Crash's Husband >.> I Will Marry The Drummer From Still Remains Instead And He Will Have My Babies.
They Were All Good And Played My Favourite Songs ^_^ And It Was So LOUD ^_^ I Hadn't Listened To LOUD Musik For Ages And It Does Make Me So Happy. So Y e a h.. XD
. . .
The End.

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This Is An Update [Friday
01|27|06 at 02:40P]
This Journal Is About To Be Updated... Even Though I Have Nothing To Say... Hmm.. My Favourite Lyrics Of The Day Are:
"The Record Player's Spinning The Best Times I Never Had So Why Do My Old Records Make Me Sad? Cuz They're So Bad."

The End.
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German lesson [Monday
01|09|06 at 02:41P]
This is the work I have done this German lesson:


Matt ist manchmal launisch.
Elliot ist nie doof.
Lydia ist nie streng.
Dan ist manchmal freundlich.
Ted ist IMMER nett.
Laura-Jane ist nie nervig.
Hannah ist sehr lustig.
Charlotte ist manchmal laut.
Gina ist manchmal ruhig.
Mark ist nie fleissig.
Tim ist ziemlich intelligent.
Frau S. ist nie faul.
Katie ist oft hilfsbereit.
Ben ist nie schuchtern.
Natalie ist sehr zuverlassig.

Ich bin manchmal schuchtern.
Ich bin oft launisch.

Gina ist größer als ich.
Hannah ist alter als ich.
Charlotte ist schlanker als ich.
Matt ist intelligenter als ich.
L-J ist netter als ich.

Ich bin nicht so größ wie Matt.
Ich bin nicht so dick wie Mr. Blobby.
Ich bin nicht so heiß wie Britney Spears.
Ich bin nicht so kalt wie Mike.
Ich bin nicht so alt wie Santa.

Mike ist immer kalt an der springen!!!! <3 (E.G FRIGID)
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ICT Lesson [Friday
01|06|06 at 02:24P]
[ mood | tired ]

I Haven't Updated For Years. This Is An Update, Run For Your Lives And Save Yourselves. I Am In An ICT Lesson, It Is Filled With Computing Knowledge. Charlotte Is Spamming People. Hello Charlotte *waves*
This Is The End Of The Update. Maybe There Will Be Another One One Day In The Near Forseeable Future. Even Though The World Was Supposed To End Today And Be The Apocalypse With Lucifer And His Icing Fetish (???) Chopping Off People's Heads, Except The People With A 666 Barcode. As Of Yet There Has Been No Apocalypse, Except A Mini One In Textiles When I realised How Behind On My Coursework I Am. One Of The Sections Has Been Marked D/E. That Made Me Go O.O'' ghjgfdh!!?? But That's Not Important.
Yesterday Was Marilyn Manson's Birthday. He Is 37.

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Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hawtt Like Me? [Wednesday
11|02|05 at 09:25P]
[ mood | blah ]

Do You Think He Does? Fucking Disgusting.
My Arm Hurts. Hmm I Don't Think I Have Updated This In A While Ya Know. And Ya Know Something Else? I'm Not Really Updating It Now, I Just Have Nothing Better To Do Than Type Some Random Crap In Here That Is Of No Relevance To Anyone ^_^
I Can't Wait To Move Out Of This House. When It Isn't Filled With The Sound Of Arguments And Crying (The Crying Mainly From My Brother And Sister) It Is Silent Because Everyone Is In A Sulk And Not Talking To Eachother. Haha, Everyone Feel Sorry For Me, I'm Baring My Pathetic Problems On The Internet! They're Not Even That Important So Please Any Poor Soul That Is Reading It, Scrub It From Your Mind.. Will I Even Bother To Put This Up? If I Do I Will Probably End Up Deleting It. I Don't Like People Knowing Things.. *Looks Around In A Paranoid Fashion* But Enough About Me...

To protect the world from devastation
To unite all peoples within our nation
To denounce the evils of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above
Jesse, James
Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light
Surrender now or prepare to fight
(Meowth, thats right!)

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Wir habt keine lust. [Tuesday
10|18|05 at 08:46P]
Ich liebe Joannes.
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O.o [Sunday
09|18|05 at 10:06P]
[ mood | confused ]

I'm So Fucking Confused.. And Tired.. And Pissed Off Bout My Fucking Textiles Coursework, But Most Of All I'm Confused. WHY THE FUCK DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

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Suck On That :P [Saturday
09|17|05 at 09:34A]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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COF [Wednesday
08|10|05 at 07:14P]
Cradle Of Filth.. Playing Soton.. Tickets = £14 OMGZ Nuggan Get Your Ass In Touch With Me And Tell Me You Can Come!
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I Want To Be You [Friday
07|29|05 at 08:33P]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Went Into Soton Today With Some Homies Of Mine. Message For Nuggan: I Went Into That Guitar Shop And There Was This Dude With White Hair (And A Prettyful Hat) Playing The Drums And He Said I Could Have A Go =O And I Think Your Friend Dave Was There But I Ain't Sure Because If It Was Him He Was Wearing A Red T-Shirt And I Dunno If He Wears Anything But Black? But I Stayed Away From Him Anyway And Contented Myself With Making "Eyes" At The Drumming Dude. Heh Heh.

On Account Of Me Being Poor I Was Able To Only Buy One Thing But I Am Glad I Did. And What Is This Lucky Thing I Hear You Cry, Why It Was Only The Trivium Album, Ascendancy. It Kicks Ass! ^_^ Although It Was Hard To Choose Between That And Marilyn Manson 'Smells Like Children' But Meh, Its All Good. It Was Fun In McDonalds Because I Was 'Blowing' Straws At Chavstars And Old People (Please Do Not Make Any Rude Reference Of That, I Know How Sick Your Minds Are.. Well, Mine Anyway..) But Then I Was Being Glared At So I Held Out The Bag For My Homie Crash (Who Is A GIRL) To Aim The Straws Into. Whilst My Two Other Homies Partook In A Serious, Adult Conversation, We Amused Ourselves By Doing This..  We Left Pretty Quickly After That.

And That Is All I Have To Say Really, Except That If Kemal Is Evicted Tonight I Will Personally See To It That YOU Get Sued.. And That Will NOT Be Fabulous.


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Dope Hat [Tuesday
07|26|05 at 10:26P]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hats = <3

See the purdy hat

Anyone who wants to buy it for me I will love forever and ever and ever!!!


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A Day In The Life Of [Saturday
07|23|05 at 11:29P]

~*~ I Miss You More Than That Movie Missed The Point And Thats An Awful Lot ~*~


I went stalking.. umm I mean shopping today with my homie Crash. I bought a pair of handcuffs.. from Claires Accessories, when I got home they made me feel shit for reasons I will not disclose. But when I was out I wore them round one wrist and people stared then quickly averted their eyes. It is funny when I make people stare.. An exhibitionist? Moi? Aheh heh.. O look it's my hat.. Yes I also bought a hat. A black baseball hat. How kool? Yes, I know, not kool really.. but I like it. There was a boy, a hawtt boy, he had long black hair and a skateboard, he stared at me (the good kind) then showed off on his skateboard. That was fun.. And because I stayed out so long it meant I didn't have to go to my dad's side for a 'Greek Evening Party' Thank 'God'. I don't think anything else of interest happened today so I will leave it at that.



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Meh? [Thursday
07|21|05 at 05:02P]
Im not one to complain and bare my emotions over the internet but the truth of it is this: i feel like shite. I know I have to get over it but I'm not sure how to or if I even can. So I will have my big internet whine and maybe it will make me feel better. My eyes hurt and my head hurts, i guess hours of crying can do that. I don't know what else to say.. This isn't helping any and it's probably just pissing people off.
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Hello And Welcome To Eastleigh Libraree [Monday
07|04|05 at 05:58P]
[ mood | tired ]

So First Day Of Working In Eastleigh Libraree.. Fabulous.. Everyone There Has Glasses That Magnify Their Eyes, Short Old Lady Hair And Goofy Teeth.. Apart From The Woman With Purple Hair And She Bitches About Everyone Which Is Quite Kool. I Hopies Everyone Had Fun Working Today.. I Know I Didn't Haha. But On The Plus Side If You Want Any CDs Or Anything Get In Your Requests Now Cuz I Know How To Steal Them Without Getting Caught.

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P.S [Friday
07|01|05 at 09:23P]
My Whole Family Is Shouting And Arguing
Except Me
Wish I Had My Ear Plugs With Me
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OMGZ [Friday
07|01|05 at 08:49P]
[ mood | high ]

Well Woop De Doo! It Was Sports Day Today Which Was Kool Cuz It Means No Lessons And I Get To Watch People *WinkWink* Run... Mwahaha... So Yeh Good Day... (Mark Spent Half The Day In Shorts W00p W00p) And *Shocked Faces People =0* Our Tutor Group Didn't Come Last We Came...Second To Last! Yay! But The Whole Mexican Wave Business Wasn't As Swauve As It Should Have Been, But Not Everything Can Be Perfect. I Don't Think Anything Majorly Exciting Happened Though... But I Did Shout At The Year Eights That They Were Freaks And Needed To Get Out Of My Viewing Way And I Sang And Danced My Own Personal Rendition Of Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'... Dunno What The Weird Looks Were For...

And On Monday I Will Be An Official Eastlieghan Librarian. I Have Been Practicing, Listen "Hello And Welcome To Eastleigh Library, How May I Be Directing My Help?" Haha. I Will Be So Great... I Will Be The Campest Librarian To Ever Stack Books... Mwahaha. I'm Kinda Scared About Doing It.. I Have Nothing To Wear O.o And What If I Am Crap And They Hate Me And It's Too Hard And They Think I'm Retarded.... I Need To Breathe... I Must Think Positive, It Will Be Fabulous. Oooo I Could Wear My Reading Glasses (The Result Of A Bored, High On Diet Coke Mind And A Spare Pound Gone To The Pound Shop) And A Pink Cardigan And Flat Sensible Shoes, Brown Lace Ups Of Course, And Then I Will Fit Right In. My Supervisor Is Called Linda Smart... I Cannot Remember Whether She Has Glasses And A Pink Cardigan... But As Far As I Can Remember (Which Is Not Much) She Had 'Fro Hair And An Old Lady Stylee Blue Dress, But I Might Be Totally Wrong... When I Know More I Will Enlighten Thee. I Wonder If They Will Let Me Wear My Gay Pride Bracelet Or If They Will Find It Offensive?

Did You Know All These Capital Letters Give Me A Headache....


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Is It Gay To Like Elton John?... No Pun Intented... [Friday
05|27|05 at 08:27P]
[ mood | amused ]

What Is The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup?
Anyone Can Roast Beef...

(Leave It A While... Say It Out Loud... Ah, I See You Laughing ^^ )

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